In collaboration with ICCC

The vision and goal of The Great India Festival (TGIF) is to promote inter-cultural connectivity among various cultural communities in Canada. As part of Canada 150 celebrations, TGIF, in collaboration with Indo-Canadian Community Centre (ICCC), is pleased to initiate the project “Canada 150/150”. This project is to bring together 150 pairs of host and guest families. Each host invites a guest family for a day, to share the host’s culture and heritage. The guest will have an opportunity, by living through the day, to learn about food, music, culture and heritage of the host. This kind of cultural encounter and experience will promote a greater understanding, appreciation, acceptance, and respect between host and guest. Imagine every family in Canada interacting with people of other cultures! We believe that this is the way to build a Canada that is truly multicultural based on understanding and respect for all cultures. This is the way Canada truly becomes a Nation for all Nations.

The Canada 150/150 project was launched by Chandra Arya, Member of Parliament for Nepean, on January 26th, 2017.

To participate in Canada 150/150, please register yourself using the button below. Upon registration, Canada 150/150 representative will contact you with further details for your participation.

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