Friday, August 7, 2020

6:00 PM

Lighting of the Lamp

Prof Rao Nanduri, Chair, TGIF
His Excellency Ajay Bisaria, Hgh commissioner of India to Canada
The Honourable Catherine McKenna MP, Minister of Infrastructure and Communities
Mr Chandra Arya MP Nepean
Ms Marie-France Lalonde MP Orleans
The Honourable Lisa MacLeod, Minister of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries
Mr. Cuckoo Kochar, President Phoenix homes
Mrs Cathy and Mr John Wenuk
Dr. Geeta Chowdhury
Smt Sailaja and Shree Karunakar Reddy Papala

6:15 PM

Speeches by Dignitaries

Prof Rao Nanduri, Chair, TGIF
His Excellency Ajay Bisaria, Hgh commissioner of India to Canada
The Honourable Catherine McKenna MP, Minister of Infrastructure and Communities
Mr Chandra Arya MP Nepean
Ms Marie-France Lalonde MP Orleans
The Honourable Lisa MacLeod, Minister of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries
Mr. Cuckoo Kochar, President Phoenix homes
Chef Joe Thottungal, Vice Chair, TGIF

6:45 PM

Invocation to Lord Ganesha

Sridaya Srivatsan

7:00 PM

Invocatory Dance - Aiyigiri Nandini

Upasana School of Dance

7:10 PM

Canada Unity Dance

A vibrant dance presentation highlighting five different cultures collaborating through music and dance. The Unity dance celebrates the unity of cultures, spiritual traditions and promotes harmony within all in this world.

7:50 PM

East west fusion

Muskan Bhatia & Naomi Kapoor Bringing the Indo-western culture together

8:00 PM

Array of Bollywood songs

Girinandini Upadhyay and Hanshul Upadhyay

8:15 PM

Ritu Samhara by Kalidasa - performed in Odissi

Namrata Gupta troupe

Saturday, August 8, 2020

10:00 AM

Cooking Demo

Transcend your home cooking to restaurant-level quality by following tips and techniques coming straight from the kitchen of Thanjai, a South Indian restaurant.

10:10 AM

Kashmir the land of divine love

A documentary film

11:00 AM

Prana - the Science of the Breath

Jyoti Jain, Master of Science in Yoga with 11 years of experience in Yoga and Meditation, she will guide you through a prana Workshop where you will learn more about the cosmic life force within you and how to use simple and practical yoga techniques of asana, pranayama & meditation.

11:30 AM

Energy Healing and Guided Meditation

Workshop conducted by Pooja Grover, she is an intuitive visual artist, reiki master, energy healer, and mindfulness practitioner who is passionate about creating mindful moments for other by spreading her love for art and deep understanding of soulful connections.

12:00 PM

Kalamkari Art Workshop

get mesmerized by the amazing artwork of Machilipatnam Kalamkari style, using block printing and intricate patterns. Kalamkari is a type of hand painted or block printed art on cotton or silk textiles, it is done using pens and natural dyes. Watch live art by Aruna Chagarlamudi, an acrylic and mixed media artist, painting Tree of life.

12:30 PM


A Poetry Reading: Guddi Sharma a.k.a Jagjeet Sharma is a freelance journalist, poet, and author. Nature?s Subtle Seductions, Fragments and Raindrops are the 3 books of poems written by her. Tune in to listen to a very intense and thought provoking poetry on social issues from a journalist's point of view.

12:50 PM

Nrityashala presents: Ekla cholo- walk alone

Indrani Choudhury and troupe

1:00 PM

Bismillah and Benaras - an ICCR film

A documentary film

1:30 PM

Through A Lens Clearly : Raghu Rai's India

A documentary film

2:00 PM

Post COVID-19 pandemic world - Panel Discussion

The "history-changing" Covid-19 pandemic has enormous consequences for the individual, community, country, and the world. Tune in to know has the world changed? And what will the Post Covid-19 world look like?
Join our panelists-
His Excellency Ajay Bisaria, High Commissioner of India to Canada and
Mr. Michel Gauthier, Chair, World Tulip Summit Society.
Moderated by Prof. Rao Nanduri, Chair, TGIF

3:30 - 5pm


5:00 PM

Cooking Demo - Thali

passionate about promoting Indian culture and cuisine, award-winning Ottawa's Chef Joe Thottungal and and the owner of the restaurants Coconut Lagoon and Thali Coconut Lagoon in Ottawa will demonstrate his culinary skills. Tune in to learn all the secrets.

6:00 PM

Namami Vignaraja

by Rupkatha Ganguly

6:10 PM

Rabindra Nrittya

by Trisha Ghosh

6:20 PM

73 Bollywood songs with Abby V

Inspired by the 73 Questions by Vogue, watch Abby V sing a few lines of 73 Bollywood song back-to-back as he is quizzed on 73 of the most iconic Bollywood singers.

6:50 PM

A tribute to Birju Maharaj

Join us in celebration of a kathak legend's influence on modern Bollywood with A Tribute to Padma Vibhushan Pandit Birju Maharaj by Upasana The Spirit of Dance! Renowned worldwide for his excellence in classic kathak, Padma Vibhushan Pandit Birju Maharaj has also composed many popular Bollywood hits. Enjoy the timeless love stories of Radha and Krishna evoked by Upasana's captivating kathak choreography.

7:20 PM

Taal Tarang

a sensory percussion concert by Pandit Sandip Burman, an internationally renowned tabla maestro from West Bengal, India. Mr. Burman plays tabla, sitar, and tabla Tarang (melody on tabla) While exploring World Music, Jazz, Western Classical, and Hollywood Movie Soundtracks, He has played on albums such as Facing East, Vishnu, GRAMMY Award-winning Outbound, GRAMMY Award-winning Live at the Quick DVD and Global Fusion from Warner Brothers.

Sunday, August 9, 2020

10:00 AM

Cooking Demo by chef Sachin

Cooking Demo by chef Sachin

10:20 AM

Namami by Upasana School of Dance

Upasana The Spirit of Dance presents Ṇamāmi! Nikita Kamble Bagal performs to Ganesh Stuti. Revered as the remover of obstacles and a patron of the arts, this piece extols Lord Ganesha, and seeks his blessings on this joyous occasion! Choreography and artistic direction by Saveeta Sharma.

11:00 AM

Becoming friends with yourself

The Yogic way by Kirti Pande: a workshop for practicing yoga in a way that cultivates self-compassion. She comes from a family where Yoga was practiced for centuries. This yogini has expertise in Asanas, Pranayama, Mudras, Meditation, Yogic Diet, Upnishads & Carak Samhita, Gita & Rig Veda, Yogic Counseling, Chakra Balancing through Yoga and Mantra Yoga.

11:45 AM

Art heals the soul

Pooja Grover is an intuitive visual artist, reiki master, and energy healer. Follow her artistic thoughts and philosophy as she takes you on a tour of her art gallery and talks to you about 9 carefully chosen paintings.

12:25 PM

Instrumental ICCR Documentary

A documentary film by Indian Council for Cultural Relations showcasing the rich variety of instruments used in Indian music, which virtually provide the looms of sound on which the musicians weave a rich pattern of melody and rhythm.

12:45 PM

Charity Chat

Contributions of Indo-Canadian community during the COVID-19 pandemic

1:45 PM

Red Oleanders

Rabindranath Tagore's classic staged by Indus theatre. The play, the English version of a famous Bengali drama, was written and translated by India?s Nobel Laureate poet Rabindranath Tagore almost 100 years ago. A powerful allegorical drama on the nature of capitalistic society, contrasting nature versus industrialization and machines, spiritual versus material, and living versus mere existence, it is as relevant today as when it was written.

3:00 - 5 PM


5:00 PM

Cooking Demo by Rajesh Mehta (Rinaag)

For over 30 years. Rinaag has been catering Indian food in Ottawa, Kingston and Montreal regions. Their Ottawa restaurant and banquet hall is located in Nepean where you can find freshly made naan in tandoor! Rinnaag also offers takeout and you can also find great tasting samosas with delicious imli chutney.

6:00 PM

Sambandha by Upasana the Spirit of Dance

Upasana the Spirit of Dance presents Sambandha! Sanskrit for "relationship", Sambandha offers a variety of performances with a common theme: connection through dance. This unique series of mother & daughter duets (or trios!) will begin with a Guru Vandana, a reverence to our teachers, by Sharmila and Anusha Khare. Tillana shows a playful competition between Kathak and Bharatanatyam dancers Sumitha, Neela, and Riya Ramachandran. In Rhythamika, dancers Monica and Anjali Banton interpret the rhythm of drums through Odissi and Kathak. During Kathak Fantasy, Leena Jhaveri and daughters Sophie & Rjaana Ahmed will showcase the famous beauty of the 27 chakkars. And finally, Sunita and Karina Bhatia will close the performance with Jugalbandhi, a spirited competition between two devoted kathak dancers. Artistic Direction & Choreography by Saveeta Sharma.

6:30 PM

Shiva Tandava Stotram by Archana Narayanamurthy

A beautiful Bharatanatyam rendition for Lord Shiva.

6:55 PM

Raga Ahir Bhairav on Santoor by Jonathan Voyer and Shawn Mativetsky

An evening of santoor by Jonathan Voyer disciple of santoor maestro Pandit Satish Vyas and of vocalist Pandit Somanath Mardur and Shawn Mativetsk, a ganda-band disciple of Pandit Sharda Sahai of the Benares tabla gharana.

8:00 PM

Closing Ceremony

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