August 7-9 2020

About Us

The Great India Festival (TGIF) Ottawa is a non-profit organization incorporated in 2011. Our objectives are:

  1. Showcase high quality Indian music and dance programs
  2. Engage our patrons with interactive and participatory programs that both entertain and educate about culture and heritage of India
  3. Present nutritious and tasty authentic ethnic food from different regions of India
  4. Present workshops that nourish the Body and Mind: on Wellness, Yoga, Meditation, Music, Arts, Dance and Cooking; to organize discourses, discussions and debates on Indian inspired Culture and Philosophy.

Bollywood Designer Dinesh Ramsay

Born in Mumbai to a designer mother and director/producer father, Dinesh Ramsay grew up in the Bollywood starlight. Slowly Dinesh tried his hands on designing by himself and before he knew it, he had become a designer in his own right after studying fashion at the Clares Fashion College in Mumbai. Designer Dinesh K. Ramsay on 2019 trends and the Great India Festival

Janaki Rangarajan

Her unique dance style is a sincere result of her undying passion, self-motivation and dedication towards Bharata natyam.

Upasana Dance Company

Upasana Dance Company is dedicated to the preservation, promotion and education of Indian culture. 

Infuzion Artistry

An inspiring dance group who incorporate several genres of dance with emphasis on their production, costume and passion. 

DJ Vijay

Brought up in the colourful and vibrant city of Mumbai, he has been no stranger to the kaleidoscopic culture of the place that has been an inspiration to him, thus being known for his passion to experiment with not just existing but new and upcoming genres.

Grammy nominee Ustad Ashish Khan and Pandit Sandip Burman

Ustaad Ashish Khan – Besides his virtuosity as a traditional sarodist, for which he was recognized in 1996 with the “Best Sarode Player” award from the All India Critics Association of India, he is considered to be one of the most distinguished musicians of the Seniya Beenkar and Seniya Rababiya Gharana. 
Pandit Sandip Burman – His hands are a blur, I can’t see his fingers! – These are the most frequently heard exclamations after seeing Sandip Burman play. He has made a name for himself as a player with blinding speed and crisp, clear precision.

Anjali Patil

Her intricate subtleties as well as precision and dedication to showcase challenging and complex rhythms captivate her audiences and make Anjali stand out from the rest.

Juno Nominee band-Sultan of Strings

Acoustic strings meet with electronic wizardry to create layers and depth of sound, while world rhythms excite audiences to their feet with the irresistible need to dance.

Sanskriti Arts

A blend of South Asian dance forms 

Jef Kearns

It is my mission to show people that flute that can be just as soulful and down-and-dirty as sax. My music sheds a whole new light on urban music and the flute’s place in it.

Prabha Subhadra

Prabha Subhadra sounds so uncannily like the legendary Indian singer that she has even been dubbed the Lata Mangeshkar of Abu Dhabi. She claims to know more than 50 songs of Lata’s by heart. She has two wishes — to meet her idol in person and to get a chance as a playback singer in Bollywood.

Jayadev Raju

Eminent Bharatnatyam and Kathak dancers of Ottawa present a spellbinding performance jugalbandi

Ottawa City Hall, 110 Laurier Avenue W, Ottawa

The Great India Festival welcomes you here!

The Great India Festival starts in









110 Laurier Avenue West
Ottawa, ON K2P 2H9


(613) 983-2812


Fri (7th Aug 2020)    : 6pm–11pm

Sat (8th Aug 2020)  : 11am–11pm

Sun (9th Aug 2020) : 11am-11pm

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