Our vision is to become the preeminent organization for promoting and developing a greater understanding and appreciation of the multicultural splendour and heritage of India, in all its facets, among Canadians.


Our mission is to offer the visitors and residents of the National Capital Region a world-class opportunity to experience and personally learn about the traditions, culture and heritage of India – and thus promote multi-cultural understanding, appreciation, harmony and peace; and enhance inter-cultural connectivity in Canada.


  1. Showcase high quality Indian music and dance programs
  2. Engage our patrons with interactive and participatory programs that both entertain and educate about culture and heritage of India
  3. Present nutritious and tasty authentic ethnic food from different regions of India
  4. Present workshops that nourish the Body and Mind: on Wellness, Yoga, Meditation, Music, Arts, Dance and Cooking
  5. Organize discourses, discussions and debates on Indian inspired Culture and Philosophy
  6. Maintain a repository on sources of information on subjects including the Cultures, Festivals, Music and Dances, Philosophies, Literature and Cuisine of India.


His Excellency Vikas Swarup

Board of Directors

Mr. Cuckoo Kochar


Prof. Rao Nanduri

Vice Chair

Ms. Neelam Charania


Mr. Sanjeev Chugh


Dr. Aly Abdulla

Dr. Balabrahmanandam Madaparthi

Ms. Charu Bhargava

Mr. Dinesh Mohan

Mr. Goldy Hyder

Mr. Jatinder Pal

Mr. Jeff Polowin

Chef Joe Thottungal

Ms. Monica Gupta

Ms. Nancy Premdas

Ms. Portia Taylor

Mr. Todd Morin

TGIF 2019 Executive Team

Dr. Bala Brahmanandam Madaparthi



Mr. Abhijit Doiphode

Vice President, Marketing and Communications


Mr. Anil D’Souza

Vice President, Food and Drinks


Ms. Asha Chandan

Vice President, Development


Ms. Bina Sutarwala

Vice President, Programs


Mr. Ram Gundala

Vice President, Operations


Ms. Sugandha Bhatnagar

Volunteer Coordinator


Mr. Abhijit Potdar

AVP, Food and Drinks


Mr. John Currie

Senior Advisor

Ms. Priya Chandran

AVP, Programs


Mr. Revanth Pentyala

AVP, Development


Mr. Udham Singh

AVP, Operations


Ms. Angie Szola

Mr. Arjan Chandan

Mr. Curtis Major


Ms. Geeta Parekh

Mr. Premji Kerai

Ms. Radhika Sekar

Ms. Saakshi Sutarwala

Mr. Siva Chockalingam

Ms. Smita Padhy

Ms. Soumi Ghosh

Ms. Usha Ahuja

Ms. Uzma Khan

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