Mad Over Dance

Mad Over Dance is an emerging dance group in Ottawa and the sole purpose of the group is to showcase the world of their home country ‘India’ and its culture. Through the medium of this group, they try to express incredible cultural, diversity between languages, regions, and religious traditions of India. 

This team’s feature presentation is titled “Mera Bharat Desh Mahan kyo hai?” India has always been respected by every culture. It is a country where people of different religions, castes, languages, Colors, and forms live together with great love. Through the medium of their dance, they would want to showcase


Our vision is to become the preeminent organization for promoting and developing a greater understanding and appreciation of the multicultural splendour and heritage of India, in all its facets, among Canadians.


Our mission is to offer the visitors and residents of the National Capital Region a world-class opportunity to experience and personally learn about the traditions, culture and heritage of India – and thus promote multi-cultural understanding, appreciation, harmony and peace; and enhance inter-cultural connectivity in Canada.


  • Showcase high quality Indian music and dance programs
  • Engage our patrons with interactive and participatory programs that both entertain and educate about culture and heritage of India
  • Present nutritious and tasty authentic ethnic food from different regions of India
  • Present workshops that nourish the Body and Mind: on Wellness, Yoga, Meditation, Music, Arts, Dance and Cooking
  • Organize discourses, discussions and debates on Indian inspired Culture and Philosophy
  • Maintain a repository on sources of information on subjects including the Cultures, Festivals, Music and Dances, Philosophies, Literature and Cuisine of India.

TGIF Achievements

TGIF has become a landmark event in the Nation’s Capital, due to its dedicated

Volunteers, magnificent and spectacular performances by renowned artists.

TGIF to-date has hosted over 300 music, dance and performing art shows, 200+ workshops and 100 Art Exhibits and has sponsorship support from over 100 organizations.

TGIF provided strong encouragement and a platform for numerous budding as well as established Canadian Talented Artists.

The festival is well known among the International Cultural Community and has been able to attract eminent artists from India like Sujatha Mahapatra, Kavitha Krishnamurthy, Raghu Dixit Group, L.Subramanyam to name a few.

Our festival is recognized as one of the top 40 Cultural festivals in North America.

TGIF Achievements

TGIF conducted a successful virtual event stepping up to the challenge posed during the 2020 pandemic crisis. 12000 patrons participated and many Artists performed to support our festival.

Increasing number of patrons annually, with over 20,000 in 2018 reflects the high quality and attractiveness of our programming.

TGIF has hosted its own program in Canadian Tulip Festival for more than five years.

TGIF is recognized by Federal, Provincial and Municipal governments as a valuable asset to Canadians, through their grants to the Festival.

We were able to reach to more than 100,000 people through our various programs in the National Capital Region and neighboring cities.

Our festival was covered by few popular International Television
Channels and also was broadcast live reaching out to millions of world-wide audience.


Mr. Cuckoo Kochar

President, CEO and Founder of DCR/Phoenix Group of Companies

Board of Directors

Dr. Bala Brahmanandam Madaparthi

Dr. Gyaandeo Maharajh

Ms. Priya Chandran

Ms. Priya Puri

Dr. Pallavi Swaranjali

Mr. Udham Singh

The Team

Angie Szola

Aruna Chagarlamudi

Aruvita Aggarwal

Arya Vikas Mudgil

Bala Brahmanandam Madaparthi

Bhavani Shankar Kalavakolanu

Chirag Garg

Deepa Srinivasan

Girija Waghray

Girish Subramanya

Janani Mahendran

Jayadev Raju

Kate Macdonald

Mansi Gaur

Monica Gupta

Nireesha Sudula

Nisha Mapara

Nitin Rao

Pavithra Subrahmanya

Pooja Sharma

Pradeep Yadav

Premji Kerai

Priya Puri

Puneet Aggarwal

Raghavendra Rampur

Ramana Nagineni

Rashmi Venkateswaran

Roopa Tungaturthi

Ruth da Costa

Sachin Rao

Sekaran Krishnan

Shibu Varghese

Sreelakshmi Sudeesh Kumar

Srilakshmi Vadlamani

Sudhamani Madaparthi

Suman Mahajan

Swathi Sreedharan

Swetha Jonnalagadda

Thankamoni Valliayangoor


Udham Singh

Usha Ahuja

Veena Sharma